Best Sound Card??

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Hey Rodney

i was wondering what sound card is the best for "Gaming" , i heard the xonar xense or w/e is pretty good, but i also know that creative ones are good too.

and also, is it really THAT big of a difference compared to a 780i onboard sound????? cuz if not, then its probably not worth getting lol


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xense maybe better if you prioritize more music than gaming, if its the other way around creative might be a better choice, honestly I'm not the best one to give this advice because I don't test this hardware a lot compared to other pc parts, so to anyone out there who can give us better info, please share it. =)

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I don't notice THAT much of a difference from getting a sound card (I have an Asus Xonar DS). I guess a sound card is mainly for enthusiasts or for people who work a lot with audio. Onboard audio should be fine. You should be worrying more about the speakers.

If you see that your audio is funky (snap, crackle, and pop), get an audio card!


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Have a look at the lineup that Auzentech has, I've been using the X-Fi Forte 7.1 for almost two years and the audio experience is incredible compared to my onboard audio, with no problems at all. They also have different models to fit different budgets.