Bad Sectors HELP

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Can Overclocking my Q6600 from 2.4stock to 3.05ghz full a nice air cooler its 30c at the min, and my ram is DDR2 800 Geil Ultra running at 800 not clocked that. my PCIx bus for gfx is 100. but i have had 3 hdd in 2 months all develope bad sectors and fail on me. I have lost so much stuff because of this... the oldest drive was 2 yrs 2x320gig and 1x300 gig what could cause this, my rig not moved but did have a power fail but drives were ok after as ran tests

If in doubt mod it anyway

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If I understand correctly, you want to check the disk for errors?

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Overclocking does affect the voltage draw on the motherboards caps... you could possibly be running into an issue with your SATA controller and power variations. You could look at a PCI-E SATAII card to see if that helps...

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Did you stresstest your overclock? Because I suspect it's not stable, which can cause all sorts of crashes and data corruption. Also, how are your voltage settings? It's best to leave nothing at "auto" since then the motherboard will adjust those automatically, and when you're overclocking you really don't want that.