Antec Twelve Hundred CM

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Hey guys,

Got some questions regarding the Antec Twelve Hundred. Most notably is cable management ability.

I got a Coolermaster UCP 900w powersupply. Its cables are pretty long and rugged. The thing I'm worried about is my 8-pin atx power that goes in the top left corner of my ASUS M4A97T Deluxe. Will it make it? If not, any cosmetic tips running it trough the front of my case?

Also, how much room is there behind the motherboard tray? Most review differ on this point. I hear its cramped from one person, whilest hearing its spaceous from another. What is it really?

And last would be some generic tips doing cablemanagement on this case. Already ordered it. Probably the best equipped dust preventation in a computer case.




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I've ran into that same problem before. You can run the cable along the left side of the motherboard and use that space between the metal and the sockets of the cards. Or you can buy an extension cable.

This might be the part you are looking for.

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