AMD vs Intel Sandy Bridge Processors

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This other day I was playing Rift and my guild members came across this question that we argued for. Some say that AMD x6 processors are better than Intel Sandy Bridge ones, and some people like me said that Intel is ahead of AMD atm so I will not buy AMD processors as of now.

Which one is true?? I am also planning to get new CPU mobo and ram this summer cuz my comp is kinda out of date from the Q6600 lol. I do know that AMD things are very cheap though. But what are teh advantages of using AMD 6 core processors??? I know that intel has z68 chipsets which support intel smart response(super fast!!!!!)

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Well, at the given moment, the TOP END Intel desktop processors are faster than the TOP END AMD processors.

AMD and Intel tend to give each other a steady competition, as AMD will beat Intel, then Intel's next generation beats AMD, then AMD's next gen closes the gap again.

Anybody, ANYBODY, who says "I won't buy AMD because Intel is faster" is ignoring the simple truth that Intel's progression in speed and quality IS DRIVEN BY COMPETITION and if AMD wasn't producing a competitive product, they'd stop engineering faster ones (at least on the incredible pace that the market sees today).

I will say that, right now, AMD is the king of "bang for the buck," e.g. dollar for dollar (or yen to yen, or euro to euro, etc.) is giving higher performance than the Intel chips in the same price class.

I'll rephrase it this way: do you want a Ferrari 458 Italia, or a Nissan GT-R? They have close to the same horsepower (Ferrari is a little stronger), they can go fast (the Ferrari goes faster because of it's body shape), they are both comfortable to ride in (the Ferrari loses this one by a small margin, but then I'm a big guy and particular about cars). So which one? Oh, the Ferrari will cost you $240k, while the Nissan is a third of that at $80k.

For my "high power" builds, I live on AMD. Because I have other things to spend money on. I admit, I have several Intel-based PCs, but we are looking at workstations and notebooks, where the price difference tends to evaporate.

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Exactly what eire1274 said. He nailed it. I would go AMD most of the time because they are cheaper and just as good. Go AMD if you want to save a little money.