Advantages to having a dedicated physics card?

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First off Rodney thanks for all the hard work and keep those Q&A and review videos coming.

What are some advantages to having a dedicated physics card?

and when having one, what's the best setup, just buy two of the same card and set one to be the dedicated physic card or buy one that has a lot of memory or?

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Having a card solely dedicated to PhysX will take off the load for physics processing from the main video cards which in theory will increase your framerates.

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If you ask me I don't see the point. There was a time when it was another card, but Nvidia bought them out and put their tech into the software drivers. So really all that happened was a better math is being used by the video card. If you had a second card it would be better just SLI. If it's not SLI able then maybe using it as a Physx card is better than nothing.

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