About Your Video 1155,1366 or 2011

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I've seen ur #218 Video about building a 1155, 1366 or wait to the LGA2011, my question here is why is better to build a 1366 than a 1155 ? i know this new 1155 have new and powerful processors with gpu's included and 2 of them are K series that means unlocked. I need an answer cus' I'm gonna build a hi-end 3DDesign/Gaming PC and i want to be useful for a few years.

Thanks 3DGameMan!!!!

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If you want to build one of those rigs right now then you really don't have a choice but to go LGA 1366 since the 1155 boards are on recall and 2011 won't be coming out for awhile, at least Q3-Q4 2011.

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maybe wait this 1355(or whatever it is called) socket (because you can upgrade later) comes or maybe look for bulldozer there are a lot of roumers that it would be really good (but that comes out in April)