About the Corsair H50 Hydro.

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Why is it always the outtake fan on the back of the cases replaced when installing for ex the H50 or CoolIT ?
Can you place the intake fan on the side if your case has one? Then you still have the fan with outtake air left in the rear.

Thx / Chegwidden from Sweden

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I don't think the cooler lines will reach that far. Plus it would limit you being able to remove your side cover whenever you need to. Besides, how would you mount it to the side panel? Your hand would have to be inside the case to do it.

I have the H50 mounted in my Antec 900. My problem is that it changes the rear fan from exhaust to intake, but everything seems to remain cool. I did increase the speed of the top fan to compensate.

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you can mount another fan onto the radiator to make a push pull system. I do that with my Corsair 800D case and installed 3 intake fans at the top so it takes cool air from the bottom and top and exausts it from the rear.

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I have the H50 as well and used the exhaust fan to set up a push/pull on the radiator. though it is not necessary, if you are overclocking your CPU it does help to keep it cooler. Corsair recommends that the radiator is used as an intake to keep the temps down, but I have no problems with it set up as exhaust.

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