410w PSU for Sandy Bridge and GeForce GTX 460?

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Currently I'm getting a new custom PC built for me and while I was looking at what power supply would power it I was shocked to find that the Outer Vision power supply calculator was recommending me that a 410w PSU for my selections would power it, while on Nvidia's website they recommend minimum of 450w. Could this be because of how energy efficient the Sandybridge CPUs are? I'm baffled as what to believe.

If you want to try my settings to see what you get then here they are:
CPU: Intel Core i5-2400
RAM: 2x DDR3
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 460 1GB
HDD: Regular SATA
USB: 4 Devices
Fans: 1x 120mm Regular
Capacitor Aging: 20%
(Everything else left at defaults)

What your thoughts on this Rodney?

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I would go with a 450W at minimum but preferably 100-200W more for future headroom. Going with a PSU too low in wattage will result in it being hot and loud under heavy loads as well as cause system instability.

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I'd recommend a minimum of 500W PSU and a quality brand name one.

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