Z68X-UD3H or Z68XP-UD5

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I've been looking into either getting the Z68X-UD3H or Z68XP-UD5 (both from Giga). According to their website, both boards have integrated graphics, but for some reason, after doing a detail comparison, the Intel HD Graphics Core feature description has been left out of the Z68XP-UD5 page. It does, however, on the UD5 page state it includes build-in visuals like Intel Quick Sync, Intru 3D, and Insider, but the one feature that is definitely left out is Intel Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX). It seems, based on the UD3H page though, that for Intel HD Graphics Complete to be complete it must include AVX, along with Quick Sync and InTru 3D.

Can someone please clarify? Does the Z68XP-UD5 include Intel HD Graphics Core or not since its missing the Intel AVX? But if the UD5 does have integrated graphics just without the Intel AVX, would that make the integrated graphics core better or worst? Thanks!

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I know that all Z68 boards support onboard video and the UD5 is a higher performance board than the UD3 so I imagine that it would support it.

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Both boards are using the same chipset, therefore both boards will both have the same on-board GPU capabilities.

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