your recommendations for a good keybroead for touch typping.

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Do you guys have any good recommendation for keyboards that are good for touch/speed typing?

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Look for a keyboard with non-chiclet keys and a standard layout, other than that, Microsoft and Logitech are two good names.

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With mechanical switches. :)

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Mechanical gaming keyboards are gonna cost ya though.

Rodney Reynolds,

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Depends on how you look at it Rodney. I've went through quite a few rubber dome boards over the years costing anywhere between 20-50 dollars, over time the keys get all wobbly and begin not registering key presses. A mechanical keyboard is a long term investment..they'll last years and stay consistent throughout their lifespan, I'd bet they'd last 10 years for alot of people. If one of the switches happen to mess up, with a little know how you can easily order a new switch and replace it yourself. Rubber domes on the other hand, when they get broken in feel all mushy and over time you have to press harder into the keyboard to get the switch to actuate.

I paid I think 45 bucks on newegg for my blackwidow keyboard (open box) which is a hell of a deal if you ask me for a mechanical board with blue switches.

That said, as an owner of a mechanical key switch board and having had the pains throughout the years of various rubber dome keyboards, It's safe for me to say it's worth the investment.

Coolermaster just released a keyboard, the Quickfire Rapid, really nice little 10 keyless mechanical board that comes in different flavors of key switches.

There's also the ducky 10 keyless boards, great boards as well if you're into 10 keyless for 80 bucks

Can be found here (along with all their other boards) normally hard to find ducky's in the US), amazing build quality.

The Rosewill keyboards on Newegg are also great choices if you're looking for a full size keyboard, I've seen them as low as 80 brand new on there and come in either blue, red or brown switches. Also worthy to note that they're made by the same OEM that manufacturers Filco's boards and as such, they're basically rebranded Filco boards (They even have Filco written on the PCB inside).

80 bucks with promo code (Hell of a deal! MX Cherry reds! Reds are a light 45g weight linear switch, most people find these most desirable for gaming, not too bad to type on either)

and there's plenty more options out there, it just depends on what you're looking for. It does sound like you're looking for a mechanical keyboard as they're notorious for their reputation as excelling for touch typist as they actuate half way through the keystroke (opposed to having to bottom out on traditional rubber dome keyboards). MX Browns and Blue switches most people enjoy most for typing, Browns are tactile but silent, blues are tactile and have tactile feedback (a clicky noise, sounds much like a mouse click). Reds have no tactile feedback when they actuate, but many people find these enjoyable to type on as well as their light weight makes them effortless to press.

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