Is the XFX Black Edition graphics card worth the money?

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Hey there, so im putting together my first build and am having trouble choosing the graphics card. I know i want to do a crossfire setup of two ATI Radeon 5850, my issue is do i fork out the cash for the XFX Black Edition. Is the extra clock speed and stream processor really worth the extra $$$ that i could otherwise use else where in the build.

The build is a overclocked core i5 750 on a P55a gigabyte motherboard, running w/ 4gb of ram to start. Any suggestions would be great. Or if there is a better brand to use then XFX. Thanx

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If it's just a difference of the black edition having a pre-overclock then I'd say not worth it. They have the same coolers and I'm sure the normal version card would overclock to the same speeds. However if there is a difference of stream processors then I'd say, yes worth the 50$. However I have compared the 4 versions of this card on newegg and they all list the Stream Processors 1440 Stream Processing Units, so my final vote is, no it's not worth it. :)

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Jared has a valid point except that as far as i know and in my experiance XFX black edition uses more durable components on their card meaning your overclocking will be better.

Ihave a 5850 Black edition and i got some really good overclocking as you can see

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no its not worth it just overclock it yourself its really easy especially with graphics cards

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