XFX 6870 Black Edition (dual fan) vs Evga GTX 560 Ti Superclocked

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Hello people, I've narrowed down my choice of video cards to these two. I intend to have a dual setup. Just seeing if anyone out there who has either of these cards, or even has used both to provide some insight.

So far it seems Evga is producing more expensive cards (which I can't afford) rather than beef up their current cards like creating the 560 Ti FTW (ironically its listed on their boxes, but it seems they're not creating them), whereas xfx cards seems to have more features or am I mistaken? I've used Evga before, and I like their customer service support (prompt email responses, 24/7 service), so I'm leaning more towards Evga again, despite their lack of current card improvements. In any case, feel free to convince me either way (I would very much like to hear about xfx's customer service support).

Also, I'm looking into the In Win Dragon Rider Case. Is this the only case with a behind-the-CPU cooling fan that's on the market right now? If not, do tell me others.


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From solely a preformance standpoint, go with the GTX 560 Ti.

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You will not be using customer support a lot unless you have a very unstable computer. Both XFX and EVGA have excellent support. Your choice should be based on performance, chip, and price. The 560Ti is more expensive but packs a bigger punch.

XFX replies quickly (from what I experienced) and sends spare parts very quickly. I asked for an extra SLI bridge.

nVidia has many features with their cards including physx and cuda. AMD has features like eyefinity..etc. I personally would choose the 560Ti.


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Have you looked at the XFX 6950 1GB version? Atleast where I live it's about the same price as the 560 TI, maybe not the superclocked version tho. Might be worth looking into.

Personally the brand isn't that important to me but I guess we all have our preferences. I like Asus and MSI. Most of the brands you can buy are quite high quality and a lot are doing custom coolers and pcbs.

The case I don't know but I haven't seen any with that fan behind the cpu. I guess it's the only one.

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I'd second that the performance between the HD 6950 vs the GTX 560 is close. I'm an ATi guy, so you've got my vote, but go with what you like best.

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