WSOD please help.

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guys, i want to know what is my computer's problem, when I open my conputer after random time, it appears the WSOD(White screen of Death, i want to know that root of the cause, I'm wondering if its my GPU or my RAM something like that.

my specs are:

Intel Q8400 @ 2.66GHz
2GB ram
Geforce 9800GT 1GB ddr2 256 bit

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Let's start off simple...You may want to ensure you have all your windows updates and current drivers for your hardware, including mobo chipsets, video cards, BIOS, etc...
Check for viruses/trojans, then do a registry clean. You will find some great utilities in the software forum that are free like ccleaner from Be sure to run the registry cleaner function within the ccleaner software multiple cleanings until the analysis show no errors, then reboot and see what happens...
Also check to see if you have a thermal issue, open case and check that the fans are spinning and clean out any dust that may be affecting the system. Heatsinks are pretty notorious for collecting dust.
Hope this helps!

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WSOD's are usually a sign of either a driver issue or a memory issue with the video card.

Download the latest video card drivers, reboot into safe-mode, uninstall any instance of software and drivers of that video card, go into the Device Manager in your Control Panel and "uninstall" the display adapter. It should ask if you want to remove the driver; do so. Reboot and install your newest drivers; reboot and test.