Wireless Gaming Headsets

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Hey guys,

I am keen on buying a wireless headset because the cords on wired ones annoy the heck out of me. I have found 2 wireless gaming headsets from my local computer parts store. Which would be better, the Logitech G930 or the Corsair Vengeance 2000? Both have pretty much the same specifications and features. Does anyone have experience with these headsets?



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Don't have tried out these headset but the Vengeance have 50mm drivers over 40mm for the logitech (drivers are the little speakers inside the earcup) the 50mm should produce more bass than the 40mm

Except for that, they're pretty much identical except the G keys for macro on the logitech (however, i don't think it's well placed to be gaming macro as you can't continue using your keyboard to press these keys on your ear...)

Also, i feel that the Corsair Driver/Software seems better than the logitech ones... if it's the same as the logitech Keyboard, they're fonctionnal but not more, as i have like 10 plug-ins and i've disabled the logitech ones as the others are far better

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Personally I've never consider a wireless head set but I've heard good things about Logitech's headsets and Corsair... I haven't heard good or bad things about their headsets, their a great company but in the area of headphones, I haven't heard anything about them, sorry I couldn't add much to the subject but based on what I've heard, go with the Logitech but honestly, I'd look for reviews on both products.

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I'm actually using the G930 as I type this. There are some tiny flaws with the headset, such as when it random disconnects and reconnects (connectivity issues), as well as the software sometimes screwing up the stereo/surround options and requiring it to be restarted. The headset is pretty comfortable, although I would have loved a larger and more puffy pad at the top. Audio quality is nice, but I find things sound better in stereo than surround. They include this dock thing so you can both charge your headset and plug the wireless dongle thing using only a single USB port. The dock's design is pretty "cheap" if you ask me.

However, I'd still recommend this headset over the Corsair Vengeance 2000 simply because I personally think it looks better. Hohoho.