will this motherboard and cooler fit in this case?

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Will the Gigabyte GA-Z77-UP7 and Corsair H110 in push pull config fit in the CM Storm Stryker white without modding?

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The cooler will fit, but the motherboard won't because the case doesn't support E-ATX.

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Agreed. That case is rigged for big boards (XL-ATX), but on the wrong dimension.

For reference, this is the spacing for normal motherboard layouts:

Type, backstrap (rear of case) x depth (front to back)
ATX - 12" x 9"
EATX - 12" x 13"
XL-ATX - 12.8" x 9-10"

The CM Storm Stryker is made longer to support a wider array of expansion slots, up to 9. The EATX board would only populate 7 slots, have no front-end case spacer placements, and overlap the cable grommets. And likely the board would make installing large drives quite difficult.

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