wierd failures

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i have experience building computers and overclocking ive overclocked
many computers..
now i took out my primary HD used it to transfer some files.
came home plugged it up windows fails to load where u see the little blue bars going across the screen... so i tried safe mode it failed to load. then i set all overclock settins back to auto and voltages. still load fails... try various overclock configs all fail.... temperatures are good... i take 1 of my 2 ram modules out.. set all settings to oc settings to auto... it boots right up.... i shut it down put the other one back in reconfigure to OC... it wont boot....... take 1of the 2 sticks back out
reconfigure for auto. boots it up.... then i restarted OC'ed booted with just 1 stick.... now i just shutdown and put the other one back inside and it is booting..... and running but seems that when i touch the bios it causes failure now... wierd? i think maybe my module is dieing??/ what do u think?

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Next time remove the battery from the motherboard for 1 minute and try it again. Possible that CMOS was corrupt and it's almost possible that some hardware was cooking because of too much voltage and once the parts god cold again they started working correctly. You might have a bad stick of memory. Also possible there was not enough north bridge voltage, even on auto. Maybe if you overclock hardcore it could have been a cold boot bug?

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