Whjat is the best gtx 670 ?

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i was going to get a 580 but now have been recommended buying a 670, which would be the best 670, im considering the Asus CUII

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buy a 660 unless your have a 1080p + monitor a 670 is a 660 with more memory bandwidth

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i consider the Asus 670 DirectCUII top and i think that is the best out there even if EVGA and Gigabyte have better "stock" overlocked card cause the Asus top series are handpicked to serve a better overclock...

Yeah if you have only 1 monitor in 1080p go with the 660 unless you want to do some 3d vision...

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Get the Zotac amp! if its available in your area, only con is it runs a little noisier than the competition but for the price/performance ratio, it cannot be beat.