which upgrade to get cpu or gpu?

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First of all this is my spec:
955 x4 32.Ghz (overclocked to 3.8 with a h50 cooler)
Sapphire 5870 x1
4Gb of OCZ DDR3 Ram
creative gamers Fatality edition sound card with good 5.1 speakers.
Antec 1200 case with window mod (bought a few montns back)
Windows 7 64Bit
t240 24" Samsung monitor (LOVE it )
Good keyboard and mouse.

I am after an upgrade (£300 MAX) that will improve performance and fps on most games. my fave types of games MMO's and rpgs. I also love playing FPS, strats and a wide varity of game types. I HATE when fps drops below 50fps and u see that slight slow down >< lol its like playing a ps3 game. So as long as i can play games at 60+ ill be fine. With my set up at the moment i can play most games without this happening.. apart from the games i enjoy playing the most (Age of conan (that could be the server tho), RISEN, STALKER 3, Sims 3 (altho ive never found a high end desktop that can run that... -_- ) and future games like star wars online, dc universe, crysis 2) All of these games dorp in FPS for hardly any reason. Ive found most saying that they got rid of this problem with an i7 upgrade.

I have also owned two ssd's in the past and BOTH i sold quickly after getting them as they were the BIGGEST waste of money i have ever spent. They wernt cheap crappy ones either.

I was about to buy a second 5870 to crossfire with my first 5870 two nights ago, when i found some one asking a similar question with near enough same spec as mine on another website. The answers all told him to forget a second 5870 and upgrade to an 920 i7. This would improve the performance of games all around.

So now im stuck should i..

1: Sell my am3 955 second hand and buy a new mother board and an i7 920 and overclock it to 3.6/4.0ghz?

2: buy a second 5870 and crossfire it.

Which would i see the best performance increse from?

My gut tells me the CPU would help more.. but im getting SO many diff information from diff sources.

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Your best would be to get another 5870 for CF. It would be a waste of money to get a new x58 board and i7 CPU just for gaming, the x4 955 will be more than capable of handling multi-GPU setups. You should have no problems maxing out games at 1080p with these cards.

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ty for your reply :D

The main reason i was thinking about a new i7, was mianly for mmorpg's. Even wow is getting low fps nowdays because its so cpu heavy and with star wars old republic around the corner (looks amazing) i wanted to get ready. didnt wana get low fps on medium/high settings :( lol nothing worse than getting 35-40 fps on a great game