Which SSD is better?

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I'm about to buy a new PC, and I don't know which SSD should I get.

So, which of the following would be the most fast, qualitative and recommended SSD?

Crucial m4 2.5'' 128GB SSD MLC SATA III CT128M4SSD2
Corsair Force Series 3 120GB SSD SATA III MLC 2.5'' Retail
SSD Transcend SSD720 2.5'' 128GB SSD SATA III Retail
Corsair Force Series GT 120GB SSD SATA III MLC 2.5'' Retail
Corsair Force Series 3 180GB SSD SATA III MLC 2.5'' Retail
OCZ Vertex 4 2.5'' 128GB SSD SATA III MLC Retail
Intel 120GB SSD 320 Series SATA II 2.5'' SSDSA2CW120G3K5 Retail

I'd be also very greatful if you would specify why you choose what you choose as the best SSD =]

Also note, it would be spectacular if you would recommend any better SSD with approximate prise.

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Samsung 830 is a great SSD! A 128GB is about 100$ on Newegg. Also the M4 is a great ssd also!

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intel 520 is one or the best out there also check out the vertex 4

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Corsair Force Series 3 180GB SSD SATA III MLC 2.5'' Retail is what I would choose out of the ones you offered.

More space is always better, obviously.

SATA III is demanded (make sure your MotherBoard supports it!) to support the maximum data rate for SSD's. SATA II would halve the data rate (theoretically).

I wouldn't worry too much about which one is specifically faster. Once it's an SSD, it's already extremely fast compared to HDD's. I mean, sure, one can move 5 more MB per second than another, but unless you regularly move Blu-ray quality movies around, I wouldn't worry about that. It might save you a min or two, but that's when price comes into play and whatnot.

As for price ranges and suggestions:

I re-recommend the one I picked. It has the best read/write speeds of most 180 GB SSD's at that price point, which is what you want. Speed.

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out of your choices the Crucial and intels are the most realible but i suggest a Samsang 830 or Ocz Vertex 4

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