Which should preform better? 3.2 Intel p4 or 2.4 AMD?

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So... heres the deal; building a computer to run our family room TV and I find buried in my stash pile of various computer parts the following CPU sets... trying to decide which should preform better:

3.2ghz pentium 4 (32 bit version, dual core, unsure of exact chip model)

AMD Athlon64 x2 4600+ Dual Core w/hyper ... not-overclocked sits at ~2.4 ghz


On paper it would seem the pentium should knock the socks off the AMD, but everything I look at for reviews shows the 32 bit version of the p4 being way outran by the AMD.  I know plenty of details on the AMD chip and it was good to me through college (I think thats where it came from)... and personally I have never built an intel PC for myself (always been an AMD man); so I don't know how they preform.  I know they used to be better then AMD, but I think the multi-core really put AMD out ahead. 


Anyone have any input on this?  or should I take the time to build them seperately and check myself?  Just sucks to put in that much time... since everything needs to get swapped to replace motherboard.

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AMD Athlon64 x2 4600+ is 64bit and works with 64-bit Windows 7.  Even though the P4 (32-bit) has a higher clock speed, it can't compete with the AMD X2 efficiency. Think of the 4600+ like a P4 at 4.6GHz. :)

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Tiv wrote:

Think of the 4600+ like a P4 at 4.6GHz. :)

That was actually the idea behind the naming scheme. They could not compete well on the marketing front with just the frequency listed, so they had to devise a method by which to allow customers to compare the relative speeds of CPUs.

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Well I think the amd 2.4