which Asus cpu/motherboard must I buy?

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dunn logan
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Building a new computer. It will be used for very heavy gaming, graphic design, architectural design and rendering, music production and film editing, photos editing, and watching movies, and tv on the internet. I will be using very high end design, music, film, and photo software such as pro-tools, 3d max, maya, revit, sketch, photo shop, autocad 09, robotco structural, and architectural desktop 3d rendering.I want the best and latest,fastest,and newest, cpu/motherboard, i7-min.quad core processor only from Asus. can you please help me which one will best fit my needs?
thanks in advance dunn


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This depends exactly what you want, and how much you want to spend. The new sandy bridge I7's or the X58 socket 1366 cpu's and motherboards. So I'll give you an option of both, and since you want the best I'll show you the top of the line options

Socket 1155- the new sandy bridge Cpu's and motherbopards

CPU- i7 2600K Quad Core Processor $315

and for motherboards

Motherboard- ASUS ASUS P8P67 WS REVOLUTION $260

or if you like this one better, but keep in mind it's a higher cost.

Note: Rememeber with this you'll have to pick dual channel DDR3 memory (RAM), not triple channel

For the X58/Socket 1366 Cpu's and motherboards

CPU- If you want a six core processor you can pick this
The i7 970 six core Processor $595

or if you'd be fine with a quad core;
the i7 960 $290

As for a motherboard for this, here's the best of the best Asus has to offer
Motherboard- ASUS ASUS Rampage III Black Edition $590

or, if that is too expensive for your budget, this would do nicely;
Motherboard- Asus Rampage III Extreme $380

Note: Remember that the X58 platform supports triple Channel memory. So like 3 dimms that equal 6gb, 12gb, or 24 gb.

Also, since you're using programs that need a lot of Memory, you should try to get at least 8gb of Ram for the sandy bridge options, or 12gb with the x58 options.

For a graphics card that will be helpful in gaming and other applications, you may want to look at the NVIDIA GTX 590, or the 580 if that is enough for your needs.

dunn logan
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Thanks a million. I have decided to go with the Asus rampage III black edition LGA 1366 for motherboard. While researching this product,everybody give it very high reviews. with the black edition, the overheating problem is now fixed. But the Asus i7 - 770,775, or their 980x cpu/processors,I have been getting mixed reviews. People are saying that it is not as fast as the 2600k processor. they also say that it overheat too often. Can you please tell me why is that? Is it because, they are overclocking too much?
oopho!! Being devoted to HIS brands of video/graphic cards, I have just purchase a brand new HIS HD 6970 2GB GDDR5 video card.
thanks dunn