When is the 7990 released and how much?

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When does the 7990 come out?
Any clues and any ideas of the specs?
I've only heard that it will be about 700 dollars like the 6990, other than that I have no other info.

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According to a few sites it supposedly comes out in March and for sure it will cost an arm and a leg.

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Why do you need all that power? I could understand if your in graphic design for animation or whatever. Can you telling me any games that need this much power? I have a 5770 and Im trying to figure a reason to buy the 7 series because I want it. Here's the thing is that I am playing with mostly the highest graphics on each game with reasonable frame rate. So why so much $ for what? Just curious

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I would go for it if I needed a gpu. I might get the 7970 instead but either one will last a long time. On games like gta4 or bf3 you can crank the settings at 1920+1200.
I would rather buy 1 high end card and get more life out of it then keep upgrading mid range cards. Its fun to have a top dog card for a while and crank all the settings.

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