Whats faster? 2.5 or 3.5 Hard drive?

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So as the title implies whats faster?
now i know it depends on spindle speed and capacity.
lets say we have identical drives from the same manufacturer. 7,200 RPM 500GB drives. what would be faster lap top variant or desk top ?

also what size are these tiny drives i see everywhere?
there smaller then a 2.5 inch i know that for sure but cant figure out what kind of hard drive they are.
I think they call them pocket drives. id link a picture but it wont do it justice =/

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They both should preform the same, the 3.5" drive should be cheaper because the larger form factor is cheaper to produce.

I think you are referring to external hard drives or maybe flash drives or SSDs?

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Keeping in mind that we are talking about standard HDDs (not SSDs) 2.5" and 3.5" HDDs with the same specs would be about the same, with the 3.5" taking a bit of a lead. When it comes with HDDs (not SSDs) I'd only go 2.5" HDDs on a portable devices and 3.5" HDDs for desktops.

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As Rodney said, 3.5" will win. Look at spindle speed: 7200RPM on both. But the 3.5" disk is larger in radius, therefore it's circumference will also be larger, meaning the linear speed will also be larger, and this will affect disk read/write speeds.

Also, the larger chassis for the 3.5" allows greater cache implementations on most "cheaper" models, as well as faster controllers.

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Sorry for the late reply guys! Thanks so much! :D

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Like Rodney said 3.5 is faster (7200 rpm & 10000 RPM). But I am curios to know if the size of the platters effects the speed.

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