What's better, Dual Radeon HD 6850's or A single Radeon HD 6970?

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The title is self explanatory. I'm asking this question because dual 6850's are approx. the same price as a single 6970. Which would be better?

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Here's some good graphs:
Looks like dual 6850s would be the better choice

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The dual might be better at some things, but you are dealing with crossfire and the problems that come with it. My view is that it's best to get a one really good video card first and later buy another for crossfire if you need to upgrade.

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I would stick with getting a single 6970 even though benchmarks indicate that 6850 CF preform better. If you do not already own the 6850 then I would not purchase two cards right off the bat.

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I'm a fan of just getting a single card instead of two especially if its a new setup, you can buy the 6970 now and still add another 6970 later, wouldn't that be better? There are also disadvantages of having two cards instead of one. First is the power consumption, two cards might eat more power than a single one. Next is temperature, if you don't have a spacious case, adequate amount of fans and good ambient temp, the heat will circulate in your case and it might affect other pc components such as cpu temp and mobo temp. Last one is scaling, having two graphic cards will not necessarily perform better in some games, its just that some of their engines doesn't have the capacity to fully utilize two cards. Also amd cards don't scale that good compared to nvidia cards, if you wanna have dual graphic cards I suggest to go for nvidia since they beat amd in this department.