what raid configeration will be best if I am using 3 hard drives

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I am building a new computer from the ground up. Because I have more then 4 rendering graphic, photo, movies,graphic design,and gaming soft ware/programs,and I will be multi-tasking on my computer. I want to use 3 hard drives on the same OS. the first hard drive, that will be a ssd, at 60gb, will be the start up drive. it will only have all my immediate boot-up programs such as windows7, microsoft word - just to get me at a fast start up. The next drive will be a western digital velociraptor hd 150gb. it will have all my design programs/software on it. the 3rd hd, will have all my music production, movies software/programs. I will use the 4th external hard drive 1TB western digital as a constant back-up drive.

I know this can be done, without having to boot up each time,I need to switch to another activity. The question is, what raid config. will work the best for me? I know that raid 0 is a no! No! Will it be raid 1, or 5? And If so, please explain why and will I need more hard drive if I choose raid 5?
Thanks in advance dunn


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RAID is useful for combining multiple physical drives into a single partition, with the potential of automatic backup. This is apparently not what you are looking to do.

Given your desire of segmenting data and programs (which is what I do on my rig, 5 drives), you just want to set each one up as an individual drive (C:, D:, E:, F:, assuming you are using a Windows variant). The backup drive can be done easily by manually duplicating files, or setting up Briefcases to automatically write changes to the backup drive.

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