What holds it's value for resell - whole system or parted out parts that are old?

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What are some items that hold value better than others when buying a gaming system?
Is it the best system for the least money OR the right items that have reviews with benchmarks and upgradability when looking to sell a whole year old system for money. Is it better to piece together new parts or just sell what works and move on? I guess that these big cases now would be good to hold onto, but the entry price is high and can a person part out a system? What do you do if you sell a system by parts - sell "As Is" and let the buyer see it in operation before closing the sale? What about selling to a reseller like ebay store or craigslist seller?

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I'd say generally cases hold on to their original value the most since many other components will depreciate quickly in value once you buy them. As for the resale value of individual parts vs. an entire system, it would probably be wiser to sell the system since you'll probably salvage more for something that's already built.

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Parting out tends to be a pick and choose deal, and you can find yourself spending lots of time determining "value" for every part. It is often just simpler to just sell it as a unit and hang onto your time.

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It purely depends on the components used, some of the older Qxxx processors still sell for 150 upwards to 200 and they're old 775 socket CPU's but people still using that socket not looking to upgrade their motherboard will pay that amount based on the fact they're the most powerful CPU's available for that socket. I believe my Q6600 is valued still around the price of a new Phenom II 965BE. So depending on which CPU you've chosen, they tend to hold their value rather well. The i5-2500k will hold its value for quite some time.

Typically parting out yields more cash than when you sell it as an entire system. Yet when you're parting out, you're selling to people looking for a specific part, with specific features or specific, etc...which may or may not take longer. When you sell it as an entire system, it's easier to sell but you're also selling it as a "bundle" type deal so you're selling it for slightly less but will appeal to more people as well looking for a full system, not just a single component.

So its basically up to you whether you want to milk every last dollar out of your system or if you're just looking to recoup some of your "loses" to move on and build a new system. There's alot of places to sell your componenets online, various computer forums and sites like craigslist where you can deal locally. When it comes to components, I'd avoid ebay if you can help it. Some people buy components here in the states, then ship them over to family members over seas then by the time they get it, it's traveled half way across the world, been banged up and doesn't work...then try to say it's on you because the part doesn't work and try for a refund. It's better to deal with these kind of things in community type forums or locally if you can help it where people are generally more trustworthy rather than the "open market" like ebay. I'm not trying to scare anyone away from ebay, but things like that do indeed happen and as such, should be considered, not to mention ebay takes 8% off the top of everything sold.

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