WHat Cpu cooler should I use?

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I'm going to do a new build soon, but, I don't know what cpu cooler to use, I was thinking maybe the Corsair H50, or Coolit Eco Cpu cooler, Anyone have a good Idea on what CPU cooler I should use?

New Build,

Processor: Intel Core i7-930 Bloomfield 2.8 Ghz, and will be overclocking to 4.0

Motherboard: EVGA X-58 Classified

Case: HAF-X

PSU: Antec 1200

Ram: Corsar Dominator-GT 6gb

Graphics Card: XFX HD 5870 XXX Edition



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the last i saw from rodneys reviews the two coolers are just about tied with the H50 in the lead by only about 3 degrees

i would get the H50 just because its a more widely known and popular cooler so you can guarantee its reliability and trust

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The H50 also prefroms slightly better than the Eco.

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Make sure you purchase revision 3 of the H50, if you decide to buy one.

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I wouldn't get one of these "all-in-one" water cooling solution because they get their ass kicked by high-end air coolers.. The Noctua NH-D14 beats the H50 by 8°C in this particular test.

Since you got a HAF X I'd go with one of these.. However if you have a small case that cannot fit a tower cooler, the H50 would be a better chose..

*EDIT* Ohh didn't notice that the link I included was a 4.0Ghz overclock on i7 lol

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I am a major fan of CoolIt products.  They may not be the top performers, but they are WELL MADE and RUN WELL FOR A LONG TIME!


The last thing you want is a failed cooler and a nuked CPU.

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I would have to say that the H50 would be the better of the 2.  I use a H50 myself and its very quiet. The other benefit of the H50 is that the radiator can be mounted upside down without any issues.  

The coolit cpu cooler has some issues when the radiator mounted upside down.

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