What about getting new games on thumbdrives?

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Why don't makers of games give you the option to buy the thumbdrive with their software on it? I have scratched game disks and don't know how to make a fake drive with an image that says the disk is in the fake drive. So I do not know how to play a game with out the original disk. Is there a more reliable way than a thumbdrive even?

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It's all about cost. It's way too expensive to be shipping games with a thumb drive vs. a copyright protected disk. This is where digital distribution services like Steam come in. All the data is stored on servers and you will not have to worry about damaging physical media.

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Razear is correct. If your always damaging, scratching, losing disks (like I am) youtube how to make ISO files out of your brand new game disk and save it somewhere like on an external with a txt file (your game code).

If anything happens to the disk you have a legit back up. Its much better to learn how to do all of this then suffer the frustration of not being able to play a game you payed good hard earned money for.

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Yea, you'd pay more, since you;d be paying for the game and the thumbdrive.

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You could be on to something here.. However I think the cost of a Molding/Stamping/Cutting/Buffing/Adhesive/Coating Assembly line DVD is cheaper than making micro chips. People would probably lifehack the usb thumbdrives and use them for other purposes. One advantage however could be to have a redbox drop-off that recycles the storage media. You could also have it built into a credit card and one end that could plug into a usb or use blue tooth or something along those lines to swap out movies and save user information on the fly. Have a promotion like a free redbox movie when you use your credit card at some select stores ect.. If they can make a talking gift card I don't see why they can make one that comes with a free game using a built-in flash drive.

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Register with only one computer allowed to have a working copy of a game/program. For example - load disk into computer, disk software has you register or no extra cloud copy(which would then allow access to a cloud copy of your program as a backup, available for download to one i.p. at a time with your access code? If you can think of a better legal way or like this concept maybe give it to the makers of games for a look see.