Weird Netbook Battery Problem

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Hello 3GM, long time no see everyone.

So I've recently been trying to revive my laptop's ability to have a battery... and I got a new battery today. However, the battery status LED does NOT work. As in its always off regardless of battery in or out. No color changing nothing.

In Windows 7, it says "no battery detected", HOWEVER. With the replacement battery in, I am able to unplug my AC adapter and the computer still runs fine.. I can live without the ability to know how much charge is left in my battery...

However, what I do want to know is that despite the OS not knowing the battery is there, will the battery still be recharging while the netbook is plugged in? The battery obviously is still working within the electrical circuit considering I can unplug it without a sudden power off. So I'd assume so, but I want to know what everyone's thoughts are on this.

What's even more odd, is that despite having the ability to unplug the laptop with the battery in... I can't really turn it on using only the battery. So yeah... what is going on here? (I think this new battery is haunted and inside it are little evil gremlins powering it just to confuse me).

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The Notebook should charge automatically regardless of the OS knowing it or not. Sounds like you need some drivers or something to get windows 7 to understand the Notebook.

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Check with the notebook manufacturer and see if there is a downloadable tool for Win7.  Your machine may have a less common power management system that Win7 did not detect.

Tiv is right, battery charging and power source swapping is handled by hardware and will work independently of the OS.

Hmmm... does Win7 see the battery slot, just no battery?  That could indicate a hardware issue, e.g. power subsystem not reporting, or the new battery not relaying charge to it.

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