WD Black, WD VelociRaptor, or SSD?

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Hi guys, I'm about to finish a new PC rig, and the only thing left is the Hard Drives, I want to use RAID 0 configuration (it seems if gives better performace) between my HDD's, but I don't know which ones should I choose, my options are:
-2 WD Black 1TB 64mb cache in RAID 0 config
-1 WD VelociRaptor 600GB 32mb cache (depends on the price)
-1 SSD 80-120GB (depends on the price)

Now, is there too much difference between them?, would I get a lot of better performance if I have SSD's than WD Black?...

The problem right now is the money, I've spend a lot in other things and I dont have too much left for HDD's, but I really want good performance, could 2 Black in RAID 0 be enough?
What would you guys do in this case?


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WD Black, WD VelociRaptor, SSD, RAID 0

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Two WD Caviar Blacks in RAID0 are fast enough for most people, and you get a lot more capacity & speed per dollar compared to a Velociraptor or SSD.

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why not both?

Use a 60GB Vertex or Agility series SSD for windows and 1 WD Black 1TB drive for data/storage.

You will no longer need raid. 1TB drives are cheap enough though that you can buy 2 of them and raid those if you really want?

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