wb caviar black noise

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i heard that the wb caviar black is really loud and i've been wondering if this was true?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqmoSdxJifY is this really what it sounds like?

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not at all. I built a PC for a friend using a black and you can barely hear it. Either that person did something to exaggerate the sound, or he got a bad drive.

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I own two of them on my personal system for over two years now. When you are reading/writing to them, you will be able to hear them but they won't be as loud as something like a Velociraptor, sound is tolerable, the Caviar Blacks are totally worth it.

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No, they are not super loud, but all standard HDDs will make a noise while being accessed. Now, if the clicking turns into knocking and crunching, there's a problem.

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Well they are desktop 3 and a half inch hard drives. so of course you're going to hear it while it's reading and writing, I have two caviar blacks for 2 years and still going strong, I also have fans on my RAM. reliability and longevity counts for MUCH more than acoustics and aesthetics IMO.

if you can't stand the noise of HDD's then get some acoustic foam for your case, otherwise the only other solution for you is an SSD. (which I use for the OS) but you don't get much capacity on them for how much they cost, their performance alone isn't enough for me to justify buying a 256gb Crucial one yet. You can get a 3 terabyte HDD which costs less than that here.

anyway choice is yours.