Watercooling a 6850

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I found this card (http://bit.ly/p4u4R9) and I want to get it in a watercooling loop but I don't know of a waterblock for this card. Can someone point me in the right direction or should I go with a SLI Nvidia Solution? I might crossfire these 6850s if I want more performance. So anyways, anyone know a good block?

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i know no blocks for the 6850, but there is a block for the GTX560 (non TI).

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This block will fit your 6850 http://www.ekwaterblocks.com/shop/ek-fc6870-acetal-nickel.html

It's expensive tho.

This site is pretty cool to see what cards works with which blocks http://www.coolingconfigurator.com/home

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Why water cool that card? Not being mean, just wondering
It's be more worth it to water cool a higher end card

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i agree with k1llg0r3 save your money to water cool a higher end card

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Check out www.dangerden.com as well

You have to way your options, because it might be cheaper to sell your current video card and upgrade to a faster one. Point is, for the extra money you spend on trying to overclock your current video card, you might be able to get newer and faster video card for the same money.

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