want to upgrade to 570...worried power supply cant manage....?

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.hey everyone i am new to computers here and a friend of mine made me a custom made..here are the specs:

-AMD Phenom II 1055T Six Core Processor 2.80ghz
-ASUS M4A88T-M Motherboard
-evga gtx 285 oc edition video card
-4gb ddr3 memory
-windows 7 64 bit os
-cool master haf case with 3 fans
-corsair 750w power supply with 80 plus
-22 inch benq led monitor

i am looking to upgrade to the following..

my only concern is that my power supply may bottleneck i have the following..

i checked hardwarecanuks review of the 570 and 285 oc and the wattages and usage seem the same...

if anyone can help me tht be great...i just got this powersupply a while ago and i am only going to be using one 570..


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that PSU is actually good for one 570 card. you shouldn't have any problem running that card.

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Yeah, the 750W Corsair is completely fine...the video card manufacturers will state higher PSU requirements on the box because most people are using crappy generic PSUs but Corsair PSUs are actually underrated...it will be more than capable of handling the 570.