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Hi, I'm upgrading my old computer to an Ivy Bridge platform and have a problem regarding my video card.

My VGA budget allows me to buy a GTX 560 Ti / GTX 660 (Ti), but the Kepler card is no where in sight, i.e. it is rumored to be 6 months away. My current video card is a GTS 450 which suits most of my needs (except that it struggled in Diablo3 beta), and it's also not always silent, which is why I hate it.

So should I:

A) Upgrade my computer but keep the current GTS 450 until the GTX 660 appears.
B) Upgrade now to a GTX 560 Ti and be happy.

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Upgrade your PC, keep the GPU and wait fo GTX 650/660...

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I'd go with the 560 Ti, I don't think a GTX 660 will be out anytime soon. Additionally, you should go with EVGA because of it's Step-Up program which gives you a 90-day grace period for upgrades.