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In a few months i will be upgrading my video card( EVGA GTX260). I have three cards on this potential list:\

HIS radeon 5850

Sapphire radeon 5870

PNY fermi GTX480

Which one is the best bang for the buck? Or should i just go SLI?

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What is your monitor setup?

If the answer is not two 30 inches or up then stop now. Only 4-5 games use DX11 and the 260 has plenty of horsepower for even Crysis.

That said the only meaningful upgrade at the present is the 5870 or 480. Both will cost you a ton of cash for little benefit. Maybe if a 5870 comes down to $300 on black friday then it would be worth it. If that is not the case you will be losing a lot of money spent best elsewhere.

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I'd go for a GTX 470 if you are an Nvidia fan and consider the potential of Cuda, Ray tracing and Tessellation in future gaming to increase eye candy in games. You can keep your GTX 260 and use it as a Dedicated PhysX card.

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Go for a GTX 480 if you can.  I upgraded to a GTX 480 after using a GTX 260 CORE 216 55nm SLI setup.  The GTX 480 offers better overall frame rates, noticeably better minimum frame rates and much better AA performance.  Image quality is better and it calculates PhysX much faster.

If you want to try SLI then you can go for two GTX 465s.  This would cost $560 total and this would offer better performance than a GTX 480.