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I have a Nvidia gtx 260. Is it time to upgrade and if so to what card?

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Nope, it should be able to play almost all new games at max specs depending on ure res. Wait a minimum of 6 months until DX11 cards come down to grab one possibly around black friday.

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I would wait until around xmas or whenever your favorite Nvidia cards are finally in reach and have DX11.

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You can get a GTX 465 and use your GTX 260 as a dedicated Physx card, or run SLI GTX 260.

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Your more likely in need of upgrading something else, like your mobo or CPU, that's the case with me actually and I have a 260 GTX as well but yeah the 260GTX is more then enough to play any game at its max settings.


More and more games are hitting CPUs harder, its more like time to leave Dual Core CPUs behind and get yourself a Quad core, that's what I'm trying to do now.

DX11, is not needed right now and won't be for a while, right now DX11 is for those that can throw 300 to 400 bucks around with out burning a whole in their wallet.

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