Video Card Going Bad? Please Help

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I've been having some problems with my laptop monitor. I took some pictures of the problem, I hope you can see them okay. One is of the full monitor shot with the wavy lines running through the monitor and one is a close up of the lines. I'm not sure what kinda issues I'm having here but if anyone knows if the monitor is bad please let me know. Thank you

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those would be artifacts. a few things before you rule out its a dead card.

Is it overheating? check the temps, if they idle around 70c or more thats pretty bad, it could be clogged with dust so you may want to dissasemble the heatsink from the PCB and clean it out with something thin that can get between the blades. Compressed air/gas wont work because its usually really thick.

Another thing to make sure of is if your graphics memory is overclocked. If it is put it back to stock.

And last, check to make sure the monitor is plugged into securely with whatever method you are using (HDMI/DVI/VGA etc.) on both ends (Monitor - Video card)

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Looks like a bad video card to me.

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Using the external video port on your laptop, plug into another monitor and see if you get the same results. That can help narrow down whether it is the internal video card or the monitor. Also as mentioned before, make sure you are running at stock speeds and that the computer is not overheating. You also might want to try rolling back the video drivers to a previous version if you have recently updated.

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