VGA Crossfire?

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Can you crossfire two seperate series graphics cards or do they have to be in the same series? Example, I have a XFX 5870 XXX Edition and a XFX 4890 graphic card.

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has to be same GPU card
you can only crossfire a 5870 with a 5870

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you can only CF same series GPUs, for example the HD5850 and the HD5870 would work just fine, but both cards preformance level would be determend by the slowest card; for example, if you CF the HD5870 and the HD5850 they will both be at the level and have the specs of the slowest card out of the two (so both cards would work as the HD5850 and not the HD5870).

the only reson that you might wanna CF two cards outta the same series like CFing the HD5850 and the HD5870 is if you just have a card lying around doing nothing, a card that you got from someone or somthing like that.

this exact topic came up yesterday, heres the link to that topic:

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