Vertex 2 SSD or Vertex 3 SSD! Which one do I choose with my setup? Pls Help

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I have an ASUS P6X58D Premium M/B with Marvell 9123 Controller for the SATA 3. I want to add a SSD to my system to be used for my system drive. I have read some people complaining about the marvel controllers for SATA 3.

I also read an article where the degradation in speed occurs on the Vertex 2 drives even with the trim command running.

My questions is. Should I rather choose:
A) vertex 2 drive on sata 2 port
B) vertex 3 drive on sata 3 port
C) vertex 3 on sata 2 port

What driver should I be using?

I would really appreciate some input here guys as SSDs are pretty expensive to buy. In terms of price there is not a huge difference between the two drives where I come from. However, I want the best and fastest drive for the job at hand.

Thanks in advance

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Your best bet would be to get the Vertex 3 and use it with the SATA III controller, grab the latest drivers off of the ASUS support page.

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vertex 3 is faster (almost 2 times faster than vertex 2) it is newer. and it already saturated the sata 3 bandwidth whit the sand-force controller so the connection is the bottle neck not the controller. only use it on sata 3 otherwise it is a waste of money to buy it because of the speed loss.