Velociraptor vs Caviar Black raid 0

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I am looking into getting a new hard drive. More than anything, I will be gaming so I want fast loading times. After a little searching I have narrowed it down to either a 300gb Western Digital Velociraptor or 2x 640gb Western Digital Caviar Blacks in raid 0 configuration. I have heard good things about the Caviar Black hard drives and know that in raid 0 the performance is good but I really do not need anywhere near that amount of storage. The main thing that I like about the Velociraptor is the average seek time. So, is the Velociraptor faster than 2 Caviar Blacks and if so how much faster? Thank you in advance for the help.

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the raid will def be faster in any aspect, and theres no need to buy such large HD for raid, i use 4 250gb drives and thats more than enougn, even 2 would be great, save money and buy 2 smaller drives, say 300, just get the cheapest drives with the larges cache that you want, mine are 16mb, which is ok, but 32mb would perform better

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Considering the price, I would go with the Caviar Black. I used to have a VelociRaptor, and comparing it to my current Caviar Black drives it isn't noticeably faster.

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I am using RAID 0 now with two Velociraptors and yes my PC is fast but considering what I get with Raid I dont consider it to be super fast. But is ok.

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Caviar Blacks in RAID0 will be faster than a single Velociraptor and you will have more storage but the potential for HDD failure doubles, uncommon though for today's modern drives.