Using Corsair XMS3 DHS+Intel i7 2600k

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My question is may i use Corsair XMS3 DHS with this Intel i7 2600k cpu? somewhere i read that it won't work with some older ddr3 rams... im thinking to buy MSI military class motherboard p67. and hyper threading gonna work ?

Here is some more information:
This is the corsair rams - CORSAIR 2X2GB DDR3 1333MHZ KIT XMS3 DHS
And this is the cpu - Intel Core i7 2600K/ Quad Core/ 8 Threads/ 3.40 Ghz/ Turbo / 8 MB Cache / 32 nm / DDR3-800/1066/1333/ Sandy Bridge / BX80623I72600K BOX

Ram link -
CPU link -

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Yes it's fine. That is a dual channel DDR3 kit and that's what you need.

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It'll work, as long as you don't overvolt the dimms which could cause damage to the CPU.

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So may i use hyper threading? as im going to buy i7 2600k version cpu so it's for oc , so may i use multiplier to oc CPU with these ram's?

What you mean by overvolting the dimms and causing damage to the CPU?

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Sandy Bridge is very sensitive to voltages, voltages that are normal to other platforms may damage Sandy Bridge CPUs. I think that's the issue you are referring to.

I thought the RAM should be at 1.5 Volts, but I've read that 1.6 is also safe for Sandy Bridge. If your RAM is rated for higher voltage just set it down to 1.5/1.6 and maybe lower the speed or timings if it's not stable. Or if you're buying new RAM, make sure it's rated for 1.5 Volts (which complies with the DDR3 standard so you won't have trouble finding them).

About the other things you just posted, I'm kinda puzzled: Hyperthreading is something the CPU has or not, and the CPU's multiplier is in no way connected to or affected by the RAM. Those are all very different things.