Upgrading Sli Setup

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Rodney,i have a question regarding PSU's for a SLI configuration setup ,i'm thinking of upgrading my current sli configuration, im currently using two Geforce GTX 285's in sli and using a Kingwin Mach 1 1200 watt PSU to power my setup, but im thinking of upgrading to two 690's ,the 690 uses a 8 pin i think it might need two of these per card would you happen to know what power supply i should go with if i decide to go with 2 690's ?

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I'd go with a 1000W for two 690s although I'm sure a reliable Corsair 850W would be able to handle them just fine.

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I would suggest against getting two GTX 690's personally.

My reason is simple: 99% of games will never use 4 GPU's. Drivers aren't written to recognize more than 2 or 3 most of the time.

Only benchmarking software will recognize and fully utilize all 4 of them and so the numbers will reflect the awesome processing power of it.

If you are using it for [email protected] or something, then that could be fine. SLI 690's just is not good for gaming.

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I would say at the very least 850W PSU, preferably a Gold certified PSU. The Corsair is a good PSU, I just ordered one myself.

Having two 690's is going to be a beast of machine... If you're doing a lot of video editing, you'll really notice a difference.