upgrading previous build

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Looking to upgrade a previous build i was helped with from here. here is a refresher of that build and its specs.
Microsoft windows xp professional version 2002
silverstone 800 power supply.
p182 antec case
asus rampage mb
asus eah 3870x2 viceo card
gskill memory 1066 4 gigs
dvd burner as mentioned
harddrive had already ordered the seagate so went with the 500 hd
intel e8400 process with a better cooler

im looking to upgrade since it has been a few years since i built it. any suggestion for a way to go to upgrade this build. my video card seems to be making a lot more noise from the fans so i probably will definently upgrade that. but what i do on it is gaming mostly from eve online to rift and i may have more than one instance open.
just looking for some ideas to point me in a good direction.

OS Windows XP, Processor Intel E8400, MB ASUS Rampage, Video ASUS EAH3870 X 2.

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The best thing you could do for your system for gaming preformance would be to upgrade your video card. Perhaps a GTX 560 Ti or 6870. You might also want to OC your E8400 if you haven't already done so.