Upgrade Question, Plead feel free to help

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I am really thinking about upgrading my video card . . .

I have the,
XFX black edition 260 GTX
Graphics Clock: 666
Processor clock: 1404
Memory clock: 1150 MHz (2300 MHz
Dedicated Video Memory: 896 DDR3

What would be the next upgrade from that, that's worth it and would make a notice able difference.

I paid about $180 for my current card and that's about my $ limit this time too, could I get a notice able difference better card with that amount of money?

Thank you for any help.

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A GTX 460 would be a nice upgrade.

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yep go for the gtx 460 it should be around $180 before december or so :)

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Go for the AMD 6850. Slightly faster than a 768 MB GTX 460.

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Go for a 1gb Gtx 460, forget the 768MB one

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