Upgrade Laptop or buy a new PC?

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I have a Toshiba L500-13W for almost 3 years now. Should I upgrade the CPU to a more powerfull one, upgrade the HDD to an SSD, and maybe upgrade the memory (4 Gb to 8 Gb with higher clock speeds) OR should I save my money to build a new desktop PC?

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Generally laptop don't have more upgrade option than RAM and HDD... so for the cpu i don't think you can change it and anyway on socket478, there's no more option since it's discountinued... so i suggest you to save money to buy a desktop, keep the laptop for mobility, internet, music, etc... and Game on a brand new desktop ;)

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save your money and buy a good desktop PC

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This primarily depends. If you're going to places alot, you best bet is to find a suitable notebook. Most of all it'll be best to go with these guys' advice and get a desktop as it gives you more room to upgrade.

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if you are a little out of the loop, I can put together a parts list for you if you tell me your budget. I'd recommend about 500 if you will be doing some not so intense gaming. And it can go up from there depending on your needs.

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The SSD would be a nice speed boost for a laptop, but the memory and cpu upgrades are probably not going to do much. Because it's a 3 year old Laptop, get the SSD and save whatever else for a PC.

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I'd go with PC, but if you're a student or someone who needs portability then go with the laptop.

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Here is a fellow that drops a question into a forum then walks away. For those of you that have similar questions:

These are not questions that can be intelligently answered by throwing out a list of hardware and saying "That'll do it!". You need to do some analysis work of your own before you can collect an intelligent answer. To upgrade or buy/build new is a decision that can be made blindly (which usually leads to self flagellation later), or can be made intelligently by answering a few simple questions.

That the OP is even asking this question at all tells me he is having a 'burning money in pocket' moment or is feeling less than satisfied with his current system. If the former, my advice is to watch a good movie, spend some time with a friend and take your mind off your computer for a while - the urge will eventually pass and your bank account will thank you for it.

If the latter, read on:

Question 1: Does my current computer meet my current needs?

Question 2: How important is portability to me?

Question 3: How important is expandability to me?

Question 4 (the most important one): Am I expecting my current needs to change or expand within the next 5 years?

If you answer these questions, more often than not you will find you are 3/4 the way to upgrading your old system or, if that is not possible, designing your new system. Question 1 will determine if you even need to continue this exercise. Question 2 & 3 are not simple yes/no questions. You can have a desktop-capable system that is portable and a portable system that is pretty expandable. There a lot of steps in the way between the extremes of portability (netbook) and expandability (super tower case full XL-ATX monsterboard with 4-way SLI/Crossfire capability, 16 memory slots and 12 SATA/SAS ports). Chances are that something in the middle of those would be just what you need.

Question 4 will determine what mix of the answers from 1,2 & 3 will best suit what you will be wanting to do with your system. Don't shy away from your crystal ball here. Try to visualize what you will be doing with your computer a few years from now and position yourself to get there. Once you do that you can outline detailed criteria fro what you want to do and solicit intelligent advice based on that.


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What would you rather have, on the move gaming/mobility or a stationary gaming/working pc?

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My motto is, unless you absolutely NEED a laptop, get a PC. And more straightforward, If you want a gaming computer, get a PC. Laptops will melt under extreme gaming conditions, I promise you.

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i would say buy or build your own desktop. its more customizable and upgradable than a laptop.

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