Trouble with my Antec h2o 92o Watercooling for cpu

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Have tried several times to use the software calld ChillControll that came with my Antec h2o 92o Watercooling.
I get the message:

"Cannot connect to Chill Controll device. Check USB connection on device and restart the Chill Controll Application"

Have change to different internal usb connection several times. But still do i have the same problem. Have a as a MB.

Any tips to get this to work?

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I'd call Antec and see what they say about it. Likely your best bet.

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1: the Fan connection splitter -> goes into the exhaust fans
2: the PUMP/FAN PWR: Goes into the CPU fan connector
3: the Fan contol for Chillcontrol V software, goes into the Internal USB power connectors, they're usually along the outer edge of the board, and have 8 pins, you plug it in with the Black wire facing RIGHT on the top four pins of the USB connector.

The 3 USB plug are the Red one and the 2 on his left if you have GA-990FXA-UD3

If that not resolve the problem, i see that many people on different forum have trouble with Gigabyte mobo and Antec soft so maybe it's just "not compatible"...

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To get light in the Antec symbol on the cooler, the black wire need to be to the left. Have tried several combo, but nothing work. Top four pins, black wire left and right. Down four pins, black wire left and right. Usesing software versjon 1.2.