Temps Accurate???

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To start, i have the Athlon X2 7750 Kuma BE 2.7GHz and an NVIDIA 750a SLI motherboard. Ontop of my processor sits a Rosewill RCX-Z4.
Now, the problem is, its 65F in my room right now and CoreTemp says my processor is at 71F. Now this can't be right, no cooler works this well, so i went into "PC Health" in the BIOS, it says 120F which is roughly 48C. Is something mis-calibrated? Should i be concerned that my Fahrenheit reading in CoreTemp is an accurate Celsius reading? Do i need a new cooler?

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The temperature you see in CoreTemp is the Vcore temperature.. In the BIOS it's probably the CPU temperature..

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CPU temp software is buggy. I would trust the BIOS or use thermal probes to monitor the temp.