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Ok so I'm not going to let you talk about the platform, how the slots are located, but talk about as many overclocking features as you can also talk about what the back panel should be, how many SATA ports you guys want including Firewire and USB headers etc.

Tell me what kind of color scheme you want and name the board.

The motherboard is either by MSI, EVGA, or ASUS (you guys choose)
The motherboard is P55
The motherboard slots are located like this #1 PCIE 2.0 x16, #2 PCIE x4 (running of the south bridge PCIE lanes), #3 PCIE 2.0 x16, and #4 PCI (and yes it's a MATX motherboard)
The slots are not locked, but changable


P.S. I know you guys will say that the south bridge does not support lanes of PCIE well check out this diagram (

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my dream mobo actually has AM2+/AM3 socket 790FX chipset

i want dual gigabit LAN

6 rear USB

3 internal USB headers

2 firewire


six SATA II not including the two raid sata ports

7.1ch audio


optical option

4 DIMMs of DDR3

i want the 8 pin CPU power at the very top

CPU fan header right next to cpu cooler bracket

3 case fan headers in a tight group toward the forward edge

IDE and FDD at the very edge like my current mobo

i want all of the SATA at the bottom arranged like my current mobo

manual onboard power, reset, and bios reset buttons like my mobo

4 PCIe x16 spaced to accommodate two-slot cards

2 PCIe x1 and 2 PCI right underneath the 4 x16 slots with one slot spacing each

and if the 24 pin could be at the very top placed horizontally that would be nice too

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iuse the specs listed above, but list as many overclocking features as possinle like this:


gigabytes Ultra Durable 3

evga dual 8 pin idea


that kind of stuff

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with this platform and in MATX it has to have the most overclocking features you can throw at it

1.I would like this to have a red/black color scheme and it can be called the EVGA P55 Micro FTW
2.With this board it would be cool if it had the Ultra Durable 3 from gigabyte
3.EVGA Dual 8 pins would be very nice to give 600w
4.300% more gold than normal
5.Low ESR/ESL film capacitors
6.10+2 phase digital PWM
7.100% solid state caps
8.Asus TurboV
9.Asus LevelUp
10.Asus Overclocking Remote
13.Like the Rampage II Extreme a lit up back shield
15.Ez-Flash 2
16.3 BIOS (to switch you have a switcher like the EVGA P55 FTW has)
17.Built-In X-FI Sound Processor
18.9 3-pin Fan connectors and 1 4-pin for the CPU (in the software is a section where you can control the fans)
19.Onboard Power, Reset, Back to Bios, Clear CMOS, and MSI's OC Genie
20.+ and - buttons for easy base clocking
21.Asus ROG feature (connecting to a notebook then overclock)
22.Adjustable switching frequencies
23.RAM slots that support 2600Mhz+
24.Triple Play: Supports coolers for LGA 1366, 1156, 775
25.Debug LED that also acts as a CPU Temp.
26.Underneath the south bridge is a 1GB GTS 250 GPU that is not used as an onboard video chipset but as a PhysX processor
27.Voltage readouts to read voltages through a multimeter

I'll explain the back panel and ports in another comment

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on the back panel the motherboard should have from right to left: plated audio ports (7.1 from the X-Fi sound processor)
2.dual gigabit LAN with 4 USB 3.0 ports below those
3.from top to bottom: two firewire ports (one regular other micro) 2 USB 2.0 ports and below those 2 E-SATA/USB combo ports (the esata ports can power the hard drives through the cable) to that top the bottom there will be a back to bios, clear cmos, power, then reset switches, to that bottom to top where will be a debug LED poster, a horizontal USB port for the ROG connect feature, then horizontal facing Optical and Coaxial ports
6. NO PS/2
The ports inside the motherboard should be

1.3 USB headers
2.2 Firewire Ports
3.6 SATA II ports off the chipset then four SATA III ports facing sideways
4.The 24-pin connector should be facing vertically right by the RAM slots
5.The two 8-pin CPU connectors should be on the top left corner of the CPU socket right one on top of the other
6.One IDE 133 port facing sideways right next to the SATA ports
7. NO Floppy Port

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Gigabyte's 680i (Most over-the top board I've seen) reproduced for X58.