Surge Suppression

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I'm sure this has been discussed before but I got to ask. I know surge suppression is in desktop PSU but what I want to know about is laptops, I've heard that the power brick will burn out when a surge happens to protect the laptop but I figured I would ask the fellow 3dgm members


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Connecting your devices to a surge protector or UPS will help reduce the risk of hardware damage from surges.

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It would honestly depend on who makes the powerbrick for the laptop. I would never risk it personally, i always have my laptops, desktops, plugged into serge protectors(Keep in mind, not all serge protectors are created equily, they all have a rating and the cheaper ones can only protect a small amount of hardware aginst a small "Serge", the reverse is true with the higher rated ones) Personally, i keep my server on a UPS, because a UPS can also detect if your line voltage is too high or too low. FOR A GOOD Example... Even a good serge protector might not actually help you if.. a step-down transformer down the block from your house slowly has a 'Meltdown', instead of the North American 120v you computer should get, your line could be at 600v. Any good UPS would see that and kill the power ASAP. It can also clean the quality of the power (AC signwave filtering)

Sorry if that was a bit overwhelming, didn't really come out right! :p


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