Sub £30 AMD cooler.

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Right. before i start waffling on, i have an Asus M4N68T-M (v2) with a AMD Phenom II X2 550BE and 4GB DDR3 MHz, 2x 160GB HDD's, a IDE DVD drive and a Inno3D GTS 460 1GB being powere by a 650w PSU. all i ask is this, could anybody reccomend me a CPU Cooler Under the £30 margin (roughly $45-$50). i dont want to use the stock cooler because i have never trusted them, and i wish to do some minor overclocking in the forseeable future.
Many thanks in advance :D

Edit: i also forgot to mention that i have a 140mm Height limit.

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CM Hyper 212+, pretty much no other cooler at that price point can even touch what the Hyper 212+ can do.

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Hyper 212+ is indeed very good performance/price wise, but I'm a little worried about the 140 mm height limit you have. I don't have one myself but at this shop's site it says it's 159 mm, and from looking at the image I'm guessing that's the height... for 140mm height I'm not sure if you can get any decent cooler (besides a liquid cooling block, or Corsair's H50 or H70 will fit as well)

Also, minor overclocking can be very well done on the stock cooler. I have a 7750BE OC'ed to 3.1GHz for 24/7 on the stock cooler without any temp issues (stock speed is 2.7GHz).

Did you try it with the stock cooler? How high did you get it?
And just out of curiosity, did it unlock?

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dude i have a 690 2 advanced and hyper 212 and its almost touching the side panel, it wont fit in your case.